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Here in our news section, you’ll find stories and the latest updates about how our work is helping to improve society. The attention these articles draw is one of the best resources we have for recruiting the public to our cause. Take a look at our featured pieces below and let us know what you think about our efforts.



8th International Orchid Conservation Congress

(IOCC 8, Perth, Western Australia)


Conference (12-14 September, 2024) plus fieldtrips

WOC 23, Tainan, Taiwan

23rd World Orchid Conference Tainan, 23-28 Feb, World Orchid Show 24 Feb-10 Mar 2024

(click here for document with further details)

Amy Hinsley was interviewed in an article about orchid trade in The Guardian, along with several other plant trade experts

The VII Scientific Conference on Andean Orchids will be held in Cusco, Peru, 27 – 29 November 2023.

More information can be found on the event website: 

The webpage for the conference is still under development, so please 
check back often. 

We have heard the sad news that Professor Grenville “Gren” Lucas (1935-2022) has passed away. For many years the Keeper of the Herbarium and Library in the 1980s and 1990s, Gren was a driving force in plant conservation – he was one of the few botanists involved in the development of CITES, and he succeeded Sir Peter Scott as the Chairman of the Species Survival Commission of  IUCN. In his “retirement”, he was Honorary Treasurer of the Linnean Society for more than 20 years. A full obituary can be found at:

Our condolences to his family.

The KBA Partnership has just launched a free online training course on Identifying and delineating Key Biodiversity Areas. Hosted on The Nature Conservancy’s Conservation Training website, this is a self-guided course aimed at building relevant knowledge and skills among KBA practitioners and experts who will be involved in KBA identification and training. 

Podcast about orchid trade (with Jacob Phelps and others) (part of the Cheat! series from Somethin' Else): Orchid fever

Rudolf Jenny (1953-2021). R.I.P. With great sadness we report that Rudolf has passed away. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues. He was a  long-term member of OSG. 

Read about  Orchid Surveys in the Limestone Hills of Peninsular Malaysia on the OSG Asia Subgroup website

Ed de Vogel (1942-2021) R.I.P. With great sadness, we report that OSG member Ed de Vogel has passed away. For further details, see blog by Barbara Gravendeel and Andre Schuiteman.

Natural History Museum podcast on orchid trade with co-chair Amy plus Jacob Phelps and Tatiana Arias.

Orchid conservation reviews feature strongly in new Impact Factors:

Guardian podcast on orchid trafficking and accompanying article, featuring OSG co-chairs Mike and Amy and OSG member Noushka Reiter

Orchid species and hybrids.png


Global conservation prioritorization for Orchidaceae. Vitt et al. (2023; Scientific Reports 13: 6718).

Here is the 2021 IUCN SSC Orchid SG Report, with news of our targets etc.

Making sense of domestic wildlife and CITES legislation: The example of Nepal's orchids. Bashyal et al. (2023)

Open access: The effect of habitat transformation on a twig epiphytic orchid: Evidence from population dynamics. Ospina-Calderón et al (2023).

Wild orchids: A framework for identifying and improving sustainable harvest. Ticktin et al. (2023)

Open access: Orchids of Mongolia: Taxonomy, Species Richness and Conservation Status. Baasanmunkh et al. (2022)

Open access: Diversification Slowdown in the Cirrhopetalum Alliance (Bulbophyllum, Orchidaceae): Insights From the Evolutionary Dynamics of Crassulacean Acid Metabolism. Hu et al. (2022)

Open access: Quantifying an online wildlife trade using a web crawler. Masters et al. (2022).

Open access: Estimating the completeness of orchid checklists and atlases: a case study from southern Italy. Croce (2022).

Open access: Seed viability testing for research and conservation of epiphytic and terrestrial orchids. Pradhan et al. (2022).

Open access: Simultaneous effect of habitat remnancy, exotic species, and anthropogenic disturbance on orchid diversity in South Australia

Martín-Forés et al. (2022).

Free access: The Waiting Room Hypothesis revisited by orchids: were orchid mycorrhizal fungi recruited among root endophytes?

Selosse et al. (2022)

Comparisons of habitat types and host tree species across a threatened Caribbean orchid’s core and edge distribution. (Trichocentrum undulatum). Borrero et al. (2022)

New issue of Orchid Research Newsletter (#78), edited by Andre Schuiteman, now available. This and previous issues are also available here.

Open access: An Orchid in Retrograde: Climate-Driven Range Shift Patterns of Ophrys helenae in Greece. Charitonidou et al. (2021).

Open access: Orchid extinction over the last 150 years in the Czech Republic. Štípková & Kindlmann (2021).

Open access: How bad are invasive orchids? Eulophia graminea is spreading rapidly in Puerto Rico after first being found there with 2018. Will this have negative consequences on native orchids? Some studies have reported that the effects can be subtle due to e.g. competition. In this case, however, the authors state "We do not expect it to be ecologically harmful on a large scale, but it is wise to monitor populations as for any non-indigenous species". Ackerman & Gonzalez-Orellana (2021).

Open access: Conservation and reintroduction of the rare and endangered orchid Paphiopedilum armeniacumWang et al. (2021).

Open access: A new French translation of the OSG's 2018 review paper on orchid trade has been published in L'Orchidophile.

Open access: Combining current knowledge of Cypripedium calceolus with a new analysis of genetic variation in Italian populations to provide guidelines for conservation actions. Gargiulo et al. (2021)

Integrative analyses of Crepidium shed more light on its relationships with DieniaLiparis and Malaxis...

Kumar, Li & Gale (2021)

2020 Orchid Special Group Report (SSC Species Report)

Open access: Microsatellites and petal morphology reveal new patterns of admixture in Orchis hybrid zones. Bersweden et al. (2021)

Open access: Molecular evidence of species- and subspecies-level distinctions in the rare Orchis patens s.l. and implications for conservation. Calevo et al. (2021)

Approaches for orchid conservation at the U.S. Botanic Garden. Crain (2021)

Quaternary glaciations and biogeographic patterns in a recent clade of South American epiphytic orchids (Epidendrum). Pessoa et al. (2021)

Open access: Orchid obscurity: domestic trade in wild-harvested orchids in Viet Nam. Bullough et al. (2021)

Open access: Hundreds of nuclear and plastid loci yield novel insights into orchid relationships. Pérez-Escobar et al. (2021)

Future changes in the distribution of two non-indigenous orchids and their acquired enemy in Puerto Rico. Foster & Ackerman (2021)

International Biological Flora: Nervilia nipponica. Gale et al. (2021)

Bird dispersal of seeds of Neuwiedia. Zhang et al. (2021)

Do floral and ecogeographic isolation allow the co-occurrence of two ecotypes of Anacamptis papilionacea?

Cozzolino et al. (2021)

Symbiotic seedlings for reintroduction of CR Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. ochroleuca in Britain. Sarasan et al. (2021)

Can orchid mycorrhizal fungi be persistently harbored by the plant host? Calevo et al. (2021)

Orchid root associated bacteria: linchpins or accessories? Kaur & Sharma (2021)

Curtis's Botanical Magazine Vol 38 (1) featured eight orchids: four Cynorkis spp. (Madagascar), Pecteilis susannae, Dendrobium hekouense and Hemipilia flabellata (China) & Coelogyne  (Gynoglottiscymbidioides (Sumatra). Various authors (2021)

Cattleya amethystoglossa (Brazil). ©Phil Seaton.jpg


Started in 2000, this series of congresses brings together orchid conservationists from around the world. The next congress (IOCC8) will be held in Perth, Western Australia from 11 to 16 September, 2024.

Read more about the congress series

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