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Species Survival Commission, IUCN

The Orchid Specialist Group (OSG) of the Species Survival Commision (SSC) of IUCN - The World Conservation Union is an international network of professional and non-professional volunteers who are committed to the conservation and sustainable utilisation of orchid species and their habitats.

The OSG was first established in 1984 and now has approximately 200 members from around the world, including many leading scientists, with expertise in the various disciplines that are vital in implementing effective orchid conservation strategies.

Image 1 Orchis militaris HomefieldWoodDS


With > 28,000 species, Orchidaceae are one of the largest families of plants, and they occur in a wide range of ecosystems and habitats on all continents apart from Antarctica. A charismatic group, many species are important in horticulture, food and medicine.

Many orchid species are threatened by habitat loss, climate change, illegal trade and unsustainable harvest. The OSG is dedicated to their conservation.

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