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Ophrys apifera in Greater London ©M F Fay_edited_edited.jpg


Mike has been working as a conservation biologist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, for 35 years with a strong focus on orchids. He has been Chair of the Orchid Specialist Group since 2006.

A shop in China selling wild and cultivated orchids of many different colours


Amy is a research fellow at the University of Oxford, working on the trade of orchids and other wildlife. She became Co-Chair of the Orchid Specialist Group in 2021, and was Co-Chair of the Group's Global Trade programme from 2016-2021

Image 3 Serapias lingua SicilyDSC08719.j

Red List Authority Coordinator

Hassan has been RLA coordinator for the Orchid Specialist Group since 2012. Hassan is an IUCN certified assessor and trainer .

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